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Film production is in progress.

We are currently working on a live-action film based on Dr. Krasae's autobiography, which will be a live-action adaptation of his life story.

Films can be immensely effective as promotional tools.

By taking advantage of this effect, we are also devising the following special tricks.

・Expand awareness of human resource matching services ・Improve the image of the ASEC project ・Increase in ASEC coin holders

During the end of the year and early next year, we will be working hard on film production and PR to develop the ASEC project.

As for the release of the film, we plan to release it in other Asian countries.

The title of the film has not been finalized, but it is planned to be titled "The Magsaysay Award Physician (tentative)".

We plan to keep you updated on the progress of the film production.

Please look forward to further information.

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