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ASEC Frontier Singapore Launches

Updated: May 26, 2021

May 22, 2021 (Sat)

We have completed the establishment of ASEC FRONTIER SINGAPORE PTE LTD. (abbreviated as AFS) as a new group company for the ASEC project.

We are responsible for the blockchain and cryptocurrency field within the ASEC project. We have already implemented new technology in the operational business of the ASEC project and are promoting a practical plan for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

It took a lot of time to introduce and integrate the existing ASEC coins. But you can trust us.

This news release is a new launch. This is where the new chapter of the ASEC project begins.

We will add social value to ASEC Coins and support ASEC project as a whole with a wide range of marketing activities, including digital, PR, event, online, and content marketing.

We would also like to support the community of ASEC coin holders and share the growth record of the ASEC project with you, so please support us.

If you have any questions or requests for support regarding ASEC Coins, please contact us using the dedicated form.

*contact us.

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