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Expectations for Fintech Expansion in Thailand

According to the "Digital 2022 Global Overview" published by DataReportal, a provider of various global data, Thailand is the world's No. 1 country in terms of cryptocurrency ownership by Internet users (aged 16-64), with 20.1%.

The global average ownership rate is 10.2%, and Thailand's result is twice as high as the global average.

By gender, 12.7% of respondents were male and 7.2% were female, and the number of global cryptocurrency holders increased 37.8% year over year.

According to a February 10 Bangkok Post report, among other survey items, Thailand ranked first in the world for "doing online shopping at least once a week" at 68.3%, about 10% higher than the global average of 58.4%.

Thailand ranks second in the world in both "time spent online on cell phones" and "video games played," indicating that the spread and use of the Internet is growing significantly.

In the future, Thailand, with its active Internet use, will also be proactive regarding cryptocurrency.

We look forward to the further expansion of Fintech in Thailand.

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