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Focusing on promoting new business.

The AFT team has been working hard to promote new projects and has recently completed two new projects.

① MLT Agrees to Promote New Business with NEC Thailand's Solutions Team

In cooperation with NEC Thailand's solutions team, we have reached a basic agreement to promote new businesses using "telemedicine" and "facial recognition" technologies.

In addition, we will soon be receiving a Capability Presentation from the NEC Thailand solutions team.

At the same time, MLT will research the needs of the major hospital side, such as the BDMS group.

Formal partnership with AMIS, a medical literature acquisition service company

We have formalized our partnership by promoting AMIS (Affluence Medical Information Services Inc.) within MLT content.

AMIS is a company that provides copyright licensing, medical literature, and online research services in Thailand, Japan, and the Philippines.

We have introduced two new businesses and will further expand and promote them in the future.

Please continue to check back here regularly for more information.

That's all for today.

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