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Good news! Planning a new business concept for MLT that focuses on the medical industry.

Updated: May 31, 2021

May 30, 2021 (Sun)

The ASEC project operates a medical business, Medical Leaders Thailand (MLT), which helps to solve poverty problems. MLT has been growing remarkably since its inception, and we have decided to build a new service using blockchain in MLT's business field.

The new service will be based on the concept of “human resource matching in Southeast Asia,” and will promote innovative functions that connect hiring companies and job seekers, while specializing in the medical industry, so that hospitals and medical companies can solve their labor shortage and employment problems.

We are now working to prepare for the realization of our new service.

The details of the business concept and services are scheduled to be released around the end of June, after which the ASEC project white paper will be updated. In addition, we are also planning a marketing strategy to spread the latest version of the white paper while utilizing media outlets.

The birth of MLT's new blockchain-based service could be a big step forward for the ASEC project's “next-generation poverty relief activities”.

We aim to communicate the ASEC project's activities to the world through the new service, and we are confident that this new service will increase MLT's revenue and expand the potential of the ASEC coin.

Please be on the lookout for announcements of new services.

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