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Introductory video for MLT application is now available

Recently, MLT (Medical Leaders Thailand) a video introducing the application is now available.

Each week, MLT provides a variety of medical information titled MLT Weekly.

MLT is also the first application in Thailand to provide unique Japanese medical information not available elsewhere.

Experienced staff, including medical professionals, can help you understand information about Japan in Thai.

Others provide a forum for healthcare professionals to discuss and exchange ideas on a variety of topics related to healthcare and to hear different perspectives.

Thus, MLT is a reliable source of "first-hand" medical and pharmaceutical news.

MLT is useful not only for physicians, but also for students, interns, residents, nurses, pharmacists, and other aspects of medical education.

In the future, MLT will allow people in Thailand to access medical news and information "anytime, anywhere".

We invite you to visit the MLT website.

*For more information on the MLT website, click here.

That's all for today.

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