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MLT attended the conference

Since the launch of the MLT application, the number of registered members has steadily increased and has now surpassed 10,000, reaching approximately 12,156 members.

(as of 16:00, 26.04.2022)

However, since MLT is not an application for mass media, while the total number of members is important, we will also emphasize the content of the membership structure.

Therefore, we held two "Onsite Booth MKTs" in the second half of last month.

Specifically, we plan to have a booth at the largest annual meeting, which is considered important by all pharmaceutical companies, to attract registrants through direct promotion to physicians and at the same time approach leading sponsors in each category who are booth exhibitors.


「The 38th Annual Meeting」

Organized by Royal College of Physicians of Thailand (RCPT)

Period: April 21 (Thu) - April 23 (Sat), 2022

Venue: Dusit Thani Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand

Expected participants: 700-800 people (doctors/nurses/pharmaceutical companies/medical device manufacturers)

At the conference, the sales team not only attracted visitors to the booths set up and made introductions, but also promoted MLT by visiting more than 20 other booths (existing and potential clients) as a move to further expand MLT.

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