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The total number of ASEC coins issued will be increased.

June 28th, 2021 (Mon)

■Information on the increase in the total number of ASEC coins

It has been decided to increase the total number of ASEC coins issued in accordance with MLT's new business concept.

On June 29th, 2021(Tue), the 3 billion ASEC coins will be increased to 9.5 billion coins.

As the total number of coins issued increases, the number of coins held by coin holders will also be tripled.

The number of additional coins to be distributed will be based on the number of coins in the wallet as of June 26th, 2021, and the increased number of coins will be air-dropped to the holders sequentially from June 29th, 2021 (when the increase is implemented).

ASEC coin holders can look forward to the airdrops after the 29th.

The additional air-dropped coins will be subject to a one-year lock-up.

The lock-up is in effect from the time the payment is received.

The cancellation date is uniformly "June 30th, 2022", so please keep it in a safe place until next June.

■Future plans

ASEC Headquarters will continue to increase the profitability of the business through MLT's human resource matching service.

In addition, ASEC Headquarters aims to manage and hold 60% of the total number of ASEC Coins issued, while allocating a portion of the revenue to the collection of ASEC Coins.

By controlling the amount of coins in the market, we can prevent prices from plummeting.

By stabilizing the price trend, the ASEC coin will become a convenient means of payment.

In the ASEC project, we would like to introduce ASEC coin as a payment currency within the MLT business domain.

There is no doubt that ASEC Coin will become a cryptocurrency that contributes to society in the near future.

In addition, the increase in the total number of ASEC Coins issued will make it possible to develop new measures.

AFS has a number of plans for the future, and from July onwards, we will begin to raise awareness of the ASEC project and plan to attract new supporters.

Currently, the ASEC project is progressing at a remarkable pace.

Thank you for your continued support.

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